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Support my interactive fiction development

Hi! I'm Tara McGrew, a.k.a. vaporware, the author of a few free tools for interactive fiction: ZLR, ZILF, and Guncho; plus some Inform 7 extensions.

If you feel you've benefited from any of these and would like to show your support, one way is simply to use and promote them. Maybe write your next game for Guncho, or in ZIL, or recommend my extensions to your friends.

If you're feeling especially gracious, you can donate via the PayPal button on the left. The time I spend working on IF-related stuff is mostly limited by my day job and my own cycles of interest, so I can't promise anything tangible in return, but it's always a pleasant surprise and I deeply appreciate it.
--15 Aug 2015, revised 10 Jan 2023

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