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Hans welcomes you

"I must apologize for the silence on this page. For several months I have been in bed with a terrible case of the dropsy. Before that I was 'on the lam' if you know what I mean.

"My son Jan tells me the Visual IRC program has been updated since I last spoke to you. Unfortunately I have not had much chance to use it myself, but I have seen the pictures and I am impressed.

"I recall the last time I used the IRC myself. Truly, it is a wonderful place, filled with exciting people to talk to. No more than two minutes had elapsed before I was being 'msged' by attractive women inviting me to view their web sites. As soon as I discover how to view a 'web site', I'm sure I will be entertained by their youthful antics." --Hans Prestige, Sr., 20 May 2003, translated by Jan Prestige

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